Mary Waya Foundation is a charity based in the UK that aims to empower local Africa women through sport.

Mary Waya is an ex-international netball player and coach. She is a highly respected and famous figure in Malawi with a following that reaches not just in Malawi but across Africa. She is a role model to millions of women, young and old and is passionate about helping young girls and women through sport.

Malawi has a GDP of around $280 compared to the UK’s GDP of around $40,000. Poverty creates many stresses in a community along with cultural norms that can be very damaging to young women and girls. Mary works using her sport to educate and enable girls to live a life of hope.  

MYF has a number of partners and projects to help support Mary and her work in Malawi.

  1. MYF works with the Zikomo trust to collect donations of sports kit and sends them to Mary in Malawi. Mary as Malawian working directly in the community is then able to distribute donations into the heart of the local communities and schools.
  2. MYF also works in Partnership with Women’s Sport Network to distribute NetballMojo which is a booklet that helps give local girls information about how to play netball, keep fit but also tackles local issues like child marriage and abuse. Mary works in the government and is able to distribute the books via the education department to local village schools directly to the heart of the community.  
  3. MYF raises funds to build netball courts for Mary Waya’s Netball Academy. These are netball centres situated throughout Malawi that aims to teach girls how to play netball while also guiding and supporting girls onto a path of education and or elite netball opportunities.
  4. MYF works in partnership with Vision in Education to offer Netball Tours to Malawi. These tours bring much needed funds to Malawi while also offering a great standard of netball and cultural experiences among incredible wildlife and scenery.