The Women’s Sports Network launches MoJoAFRICA

MYF has teamed up with the Women’s Sport Network to translate, print and distribute MoJoAFRICA throughout Malawi. 

MoJoAFRICA High£5!

A £5 donation will help to inspire 5 girls to say No! to child marriage.
  • NETBALLMoJo . . .  . . . Is an educational resource that has been voluntarily written by top sport scientists, leading coaches and psychologists to help young sports women learn how to be the best netballer they can be, while also gently building confidence to tackle specific female challenges in sport & life.
  • The challenges in Malawi . . . The challenges facing women and girls in Malawi are very different from our young women in Europe and USA. WSNet’s “High £5!” programme can translate and transition NETBALLMoJo to inspire young women in Malawi to be great netballers but also adapt NETBALLMoJo to help deal with cultural issues around child marriage/’beading’ and safeguarding. Malawi is not only the third poorest country in the world but also has slow and expensive internet – making it difficult for rural communities to get this life changing information.

MoJoAFRICA High5 – will translate & extend NETBALLMoJo into Chichewa, Malawi’s national language to cover ‘local/cultural’ issues in Africa such as child marriage, safeguarding, FGM, basic personal well-being & health protection – problems simply not encountered in ‘western communities’.

MoJoAFRICA High£5!

A £5 donation will help to inspire 5 girls to say No! to child marriage.


NETBALLMoJo is the cool guide to help teenage girls overcome some of the many issues they face as they start to play competitive netball. NETBALLMoJo is part of the HERMojo programme, created by the Women’s Sport Network and based on ‘Empowerment through Sport into Leadership.
NETBALLMoJo is predicated on ‘Physical Competence’ (better movement skills for netballers) but also covers a range of other emotive issues such as: body image, diet, breast health, fit or thin, fear of judgement, social media, training with menstruation and the attitudes of coaches for example.
It is this combination of training techniques but also how to deal with the off-court issues that make NETBALLMoJo unique. Learning how to deal with these emotive issues has a positive impact for girls / women to stay in the game and perhaps even go on to be elite athletes. However, the aim of the guide is also to help all girls become confident, mature and resilient young women outside of the sport.
NETBALLMoJo is part of the HERMojo series. HerMoJo has a very strong ethos as stated by Paul Reynolds, co-founder of the Women’s Sport Network; HerMoJo is based around Empowerment, Inner strength & outer confidence, combined with the resilience to overcome fear of judgement in sport and the ability to grow that confidence into everyday life to become a stronger more empowered women.”
The HerMoJo programme targets teenage girls to help them overcome some of the issues they face with competitive sport by encouraging engagement, building retention and helping girls gain confidence through sport and take that confidence into everyday life. Making them stronger, fitter and more empowered young women.
The first manual, ROWMoJo, launched at the beginning of 2018 year and this year has been followed up by FOOTBALLMoJo and LACROSSEMoJo. A big part of the work of the HERMojo programme is to share the ‘Open Source’ IP of the manuals and get their messaging to as many girls as possible across the world.
WSNet is now working with other not-for-profit organisations in disadvantaged communities in Brazil, China, Nepal, KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa to produce local language versions of FOOTBALLMoJo in Portuguese, Nepali, Zulu, Xhosa and Mandarin. This involves adapting text and pictures for local, cultural and religious differences.